TIGER-NET is a major component of the TIGER initiative of the European Space Agency (ESA), whose main goal is the Support of the African Earth Observation Capacity for Water Resource Monitoring in close collaboration with African water authorities and experts.

TIGER-NET supports the satellite based assessment and monitoring of water resources from watershed to cross-border basin level delivering indispensable information for Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) through:

1. Development of an open-source Water Observation and Information System (WOIS) for monitoring, assessing and inventorying water resources in a cost-effective manner;

2. Capacity building and training of African water authorities and technical centers to fully exploit the increasing observation capacity offered by current and upcoming generations of satellites, including the ESA Sentinel’s.

The project is built upon a close collaboration with the host institutions for the specification, testing and demonstration of the WOIS. The initial key host institutions already actively involved in TIGER-NET are the Nile Basin Initiative, Lake Chad Basin Commission, Volta Basin Authority, Department of Water Affairs South Africa and the Hydrologic Division of the Namibian Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry and the Department of Water Affaires of the Zambian Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development, Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia, International Water Management Institute, United Nations World Food programme, the Zambezi Watercourse Commission and the Action against Hunger


13.01.2016 TIGER-BRIDGE contract to continue activities for users in Africa
The aim of the TIGER Bridge project, which is financed by ESA and was started in December 2015, is the continuation of TIGER NET efforts strengthening the EO capacity and knowledge within the African water resource community. This explicitly refers to the antecedent efforts of ESA in this field, which established and developed a TIGER community in the African water sector which plays more and...
28.01.2015 Application of Sentinel 1 data to capture floods in Malawi and Mozambique
Heavy rains following cyclone Bansi have caused devastating floods in Southern Malawi and central Mozambique along the Shire, an important tributary to the Zambezi River. According to sources in Malawi the floods are the worst in more than 20 years resulting in more than 200 deaths, massive destruction of infrastructure and agricultural fields as well as raising fears of a large-scale cholera...