The ambitious objectives set out in the TIGER NET project required a project consortium of private companies (SME’s) supported by research laboratories and universities that have hands-on experiences in EO satellite technology applied to water mapping and monitoring, development of related EO and GIS processing tools as well as a proven track record of successful projects related to EO applications in the field of water inventorying, mapping and monitoring in Africa.

Furthermore, an experienced organisation was needed that has a strong record in the development and production of a state-of-the-art software information system.

The project consortium is a multi-disciplinary technical team, with qualified and well experienced staff responding to the following fields:

  • Experts in user federation
  • Experts in water information generation from satellite data
  • Experts in water management assessment and monitoring
  • Experts in GIS based spatial analysis techniques
  • Experts in hydrologic modelling
  • Experts in water and sanitation
  • System developers with a proven capability to define and develop operational information systems
  • Training practitioners
  • Experts in the field of EO product validation
  • Expert Cost-Benefit-Analyst
  • Expert fundraisers

Each of the components of the project requires different competences. The current consortium was formed taking into account the past experiences of the different partners in order to respond with the best possible team to the requirements set out by the user community.