Lake Chad Basin Commission

The Lake Chad Basin Commission was created in 1964 by the four countries bordering Lake Chad - Cameroon, Chad, Niger, and Nigeria. They were joined in 1994 by the Central African Republic. The aims of the commission are to regulate and control the use of water and other natural resources in the basin and to initiate, promote, and coordinate natural resource development projects and research

The Member States of the Lake Chad Basin Commission have established the Lake Chad Basin Observatory with the need for regular knowledge-based products from the regional organisation to enable all the stakeholders in the Lake Chad Basin to coordinate the sustainable use of water and the protection of the Lake Chad Basin ecosystem. EO technology, like TIGER-Net offers, has the capability to provide the data to generate these products on a regional scale and in a timely and cost effective manner. These products satisfy some of the needs of the LCBC for operational level products.

In general, TIGER-NET supports the Lake Chad Basin Commission by enabling

  • a historical documentation of water management related land changes and
  • by providing an operational capacity to receive and process EO products to measure different aspects of water resources and quality.