GeoVille Information Systems is dedicated to the complete range of value-added geographic information services in the land domain with special reference to environmental applications, including water related information solutions. The group provides products, services and consultancy in the field of digital information systems and specialises in remote sensing and GIS applications.

GeoVille’s focus is on the integration of EO-based information and in-situ data in order to monitor and assess environmental trends as well as on the quality assessment of land cover and land use products. The main thematic domains regarding EO and GIS development and applications comprise land use and land cover mapping; mapping and inventorying of different ecosystems including such diverse environments from alpine to tropical forests, drylands, wetlands as well as urban areas and infrastructure applications. GeoVille has demonstrated experience in evaluating and assessing user requirements in close collaboration with user organizations. The company has conducted many water related projects around the world, and among many ESA projects has implemented the ASAR based soil moisture products as a variable for ESA’S Global Monitoring for Food Security and is project manager of ESA’s CCI Soil Moisture project.

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