Zambezi Watercourse Commission

The Zambezi Watercourse Commission (ZAMCOM) is a river basin organization set up by countries that share the Zambezi River Basin and serves as a water management organization for the entire geographical area.

The Riparian States to the Zambezi River Basin include Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

ZAMCOM’s main objective is “to promote the equitable and reasonable utilization of the water resources of the Zambezi Watercourse as well as the efficient management and sustainable development thereof”.

ZAMCOM developed the Zambezi Water Information System (ZAMWIS) to cater for the medium and long term water resources information needs of the Zambezi river basin Riparian States.

TIGER-NET supports ZAMCOM by providing geo-information data and systems to enhance the ZAMWIS repository and database as a basis for an operational decision support system. The usability of the implementations is ensured by establishing a linkage between the ZAMWIS and the WOIS and intensive user trainings.